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Mailem Quick Start

1How can I add my mailgun account ?
- Go to your Settings page under the menu of your account name
- Click the Accounts tab on the left side menu
- Click The Add a New Account button
- Select the Provider as MailGun
- Fill the other information for Account Name and Domain
- Enter your MailGun API Key
- Click Add a New button.
2How can I start a drip email campaign ?
- Go to Emails in your Account Page.
- Click the Create New Drip button.
- Select your Account
- Choose your Campaign Type
- Select the date and time to settle First Email Start
- Enter your Campaign Name and Description
- Fill the Email information for First Email
- Create your Email template with our drag and drop template editor.
- Click Create Campaign button and you are ready to go.
3How can I send an email at a future date?
- Go to our DeliveryTime option.
- Click the Send Emails under the Emails Top side menu
- Select the Delivery Time to settle for future date
- Complete the other steps and you are ready to go.
4How can I add a new member a mailing list?
To add a new member you must first create your account and create a Member List. If you already created an account and a member list, you can add easily new members without any limit.
- Click the Mailing List
- Click Add Mailing List
- Choose the Account that you want to add new member
- Type Alias info
- Type the name of the member and click Add Mailing List
- You will see the table of the Member Lists
- Click Edit
- Select the second tab Membersoption
- You can add bulk members with Add Members From CSV button or manually by cliking Add a Member.
- When you click Add a Member, fill the information required and click submit.
5Can I send an email to more than one list ?
Create multiple email lists and select more than one when you are sending email from Send Emails.
- Click''To'' and a drop-down list will appear
- You can choose all the created email lists from that area to send them to the same email.
6Which Email API Providers do you support?
Currently, we have Mailgun but we are working to add AWS SES, Mandril and Sendgrid.
7Do I need a mailgun account ?
Yes. Mailem is using Mailgun to send emails with your Mailgun API key.
8Can I send emails via my domain name ?
You should add your domain to Mailgun and verify it. When you complete verification, you can easily send emails using Mailem.