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Getting to Know Mailem

1What is Mailem?
Mailem is a centralized email marketing platform that integrates with your Mailgun and Gmail accounts. The user-friendly UI empowers you to easily create and test email drip campaigns, track KPIs, validate email addresses, and increase deliverability rates on the fly!
2Is there a free Mailem subscription?

Yes, Mailem offers a Free Plan with limited features. 

If you’re on the Free Plan: 

  • You receive 250 one-time credits 
  • You can create a single, one-time, drip campaign 
  • You can create one scheduled email
  • You can add a single email account 

The Free Plan is not restricted to a maximum time-period. In fact, you can purchase additional credits, at any time, without upgrading your subscription plan.

3Can I add more than one email account?

Yes, you can add more than one email account to your Mailem profile as long as you are not on the Free Plan.

If you are on the Free Plan, you can only add a single email account. To add multiple accounts, you must upgrade your Mailem account to, at least, the Starter Plan.

4What is “Sender Name”?
The sender's name appears in the inbox before your email address.
For example: John Doe <john@mailem.io>
5Which data can I see on the dashboard?

The Mailem dashboard displays the “Last 30 Days Delivered and Failed Emails” graphic for members.

Additionally, the dashboard shows the “Past 7 Days’ Accepted, Delivered, Failed, and Complained” mail list for Mailgun accounts.

6What is a Drip Campaign?

An email drip campaign is a form of automated sales outreach. It’s composed of a series of emails that is automatically sent to a specific audience after they take a specific action.

Drip campaigns are a special type of automated email marketing technique that focuses on previous customer performance. Following this technique, you would send a steady drip of messages to your customers, which is more likely to encourage them to engage with your business over time. This way, you wouldn’t have to rely solely on slick advertising.